Q. What are Wonder Wafers ?
A.  Wonder Wafers are the next generation air fresheners that are so unique they’re patented. They are specially formulated,  designed, and patented to be used practically anywhere. Wonder Wafers revolutionized the car wash industry and are now being used in cars, homes, offices, travel trailers, motor homes, in gym lockers…practically everywhere!!  There have been over a Billion Sold Worldwide since their invention, and they keep finding their way into more and more markets and applications.

Q. Are Wonder Wafers Non-Toxic ?
A.  Yes, each Wonder Wafer is Non-Toxic…but as with all products they should be used as directed and kept out of reach of children and pets.

Q. Can I get the Wonder Wafers Super 6 Pak in a counter display ?
A.  Yes! The Wonder Wafers Super 6 Pak comes in your choice of an attractive spinner countertop display. The displays come fully loaded with 24 Super 6 Paks (4 each of six fragrances), and include an attractive header card. Our countertop displays are colorful and stimulate the retail impulse. Call for pricing.

Q. Can Wonder Wafers Super 6 Paks be put on a Clip Strip ?
A.  Yes, The Super 6 Pak was designed for pegboard and Clip Strip applications.  They are very attractive and colorful on a Clip Strip. Consumers are drawn to their attractive packaging, they have a pleasing esthetic impulse affect. We can provide the Clip Strip for you, call us for details.

Q. What fragrances do the Super 6 Paks come in ?
A.  Wonder Wafers Super 6 Paks comes in seven 24 popular fragrances

Q. Why are the Wonder Wafers Super 6 Paks different colors ?
A.  Each color represents a fragrance. It is easy for the customer to identify a fragrance with a color, and it make for a very attractive display tantalizing the retail impulse to take a closer look. It’s kind of like "Primary Colors" meet "Primary Fragrances". There is no mistaking the product, Wonder Wafer Super 6 Paks are easy to identify.

Q. Are customers happy with Wonder Wafers Super 6 Paks?

Those that use and sell Wonder Wafers are very happy.  We get emails everyday from people just like you that have been purchasing Wonder Wafers and love them.  Retailers let us know how successful the Wonder Wafers product line is in their stores.  Read what they are saying

Q. How is TurpCo marketing the Wonder Wafers Super 6 Paks?
Wonder Wafers are in practically every car in the United States that has been through a full service car wash, and millions are used everyday worldwide in other applications, (hotels, limo services, rental cars, dealerships, retail stores, auto part stores, etc.). Wonder Wafers is an established trademark that has a global network of marketing professionals and distributors throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and continues to develop networks and new markets on a daily basis. TurpCo leverages the Wonder Wafers marketing strategy and produces the only available retail packaging calmshell designed for pegboard and point of purchase displays for the Super Wonder Wafers. Out budget also includes online advertising and mailouts, along with discounts for non-profit fundraising.