TurpCo Releases Insta-Scent Ultra-Mist
TurpCo Industries released a new product called Insta-Scent ULTRA-MIST. ULTRA-MIST is for those demanding an "Ultra Strength" clean air freshener. ULTRA-MIST pump spray is formulated with mega doses of concentrated quality fragrances with no dying agents. The maximum amount of quality fragrance oils are used in each and every bottle. You will notice the difference compared to other pump sprays on the market today. A “Distillation-Aqueous Blending Process" is used, (similar to the aqueous process used in labs and sterile environments), This emits a more pure fragrance aroma. Low cost spray use a raw aqueous process that leave dying agents and contaminates long after the fragrance is gone. Beware of air fresheners in opaque containers or dyed a pretty color, they are masking an inferior product. Don’t wast money on inferior pump sprays - Low cost means a minimum amount of poor quality diluted fragrance that doesn't last and requires more each time. WHY BUY MORE - GET "ULTRA-MIST" AND ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE !