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"turpco has super customer service I love doing business with you"
Shanda - Seattle, WA

Dawn uses our Wonder Wafers to freshen up her closet and says..."Thanks again, those things are wonderful make my whole closet smell like new shoes!!!"
Dawn - Colorado Springs, CO

"Wonder Wafers have a wide variety of fragrances at a great price for my customers. They love the quality and consistence of a fragrance that doesn't overpower them."
Ross - Twin Falls, ID

“My customers and dealer accounts are very happy with the Wonder Wafers air
Robert - Prescott, AZ

“If you are not carrying Wonder Wafers, you are not selling your potential !”
Rick - El Paso, TX

“We are getting nothing but compliments. Our customers love Wonder Wafers…the Wonder Wafer is the real thing.”
Tony - Plymouth, MI

“We are a truck rental company, and we like for our vehicles to smell nice when customers pick them up. We tried the Wonder Wafers, and they are the best method that we have found to use. We will continue to use Wonder Wafers because the product simply works!”
Jimmy - Houston, TX

"From the time we added Wonder Wafers to our line of products, we knew we had a winner. Wonder Wafers are GREAT!"
Auto Supply - Pharr, Tx

“The Wonder Wafers are wonderful and easy to use! We simply hand one to our customers when they come in to rent a car from us.”
Car Rental - Davenport, FL

“Our clients are loyal to the Wonder Wafers because they are long lasting and easy to use.”
Loyd - Grapevine, TX

"We are happy with the Wonder Wafers because they last longer than anything we have tried. Our customers love the fragrances and the quality.”
Avi - Beverly Hills, CA

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Wonder Wafers. In talking with our customers - we learned that they really appreciate the more consistent fragrance. Please feel free to share my Testimonial with anyone thinking about using or selling air fresheners at their business!"

Mark - Austin, Tx

“We can use them in our company vans and also sell them in our retail store and make good profit.  They work great and are not overpowering. The customers love them and so do we.”
David - Greenville, MS

“We use them in our customer restrooms and they work wonderful. The wonder Wafers are great and we will continue to use them.”
Peggy - Westland, MI

"Many of our customers like to purchase extra Wonder Wafers - sometimes as many as 4 or 5 extra! Product consistency along with quality service and pricing… It all goes together. Add it all up - and Wonder Wafers are our #1 choice of Air Fresheners!"

Scott - Las Vegas, NV

“I have tried almost everything on the market in the past 3 years and nothing can compare to Wonder Wafers. They are not only easy to use, but outlast everything else I’ve tried. I’ve tried to find something better...I couldn’t. So I order nothing but Wonder Wafers. We use these in RVs for a fresh scent. These things are tiny, inexpensive and they work great.  Thank you Wonder Wafers. You guys Rock !”
Pamela - El Cajon, CA

“Wonder Wafers have very pleasant aromas and work fine in our fleet vehicles.”
Ross - Santa Ana, CA

“We’ve been selling Wonder Wafers at our gift shop and country store for a long time. They sell REALLY FAST and our customers love them.”
Dale & Carol - Gordonville, TX

“Wonder Wafers have dramatically increased our fundraising profits! Everyone seems to really love this product. This was, by far, the most profitable and easy fundraiser we have ever had !”
Linda J. - Yuma, AZ

"My family and I have been in the full service car wash business for over 50 years! Obviously - at one time or another - we have been in touch with every manufacturer and supplier out there. The Wonder Wafer product line is one of the easiest extra services we have to sell! My customers enjoy the large selection Wonder Wafers has to offer - plus the long lasting fragrance enjoyment of using Wonder wafers in their vehicles. We also sell Wonder Wafers in our Gift Shop. There are many types of retail air fresheners - but Wonder Wafers has been our #1 seller for many years!"
Kirk - San Lorenzo, CA

"Excellent Service! Forget the rest - Wonder Wafers are THE BEST!!!"
Car Care Center - Elk Grove Village, IL

"When Wonder Wafers came along - they were the answer to our prayers! I highly recommend Wonder Wafers to any operator that uses or sells air fresheners!"
Car Care Center - Lansing, MI

"Both our employees and our customers find the Wonder Wafers to be a SUPERIOR product over conventional air fresheners."

Gift Shop - Salem, OR

"Our customers always buy extra Wonder Wafers in our Retail Lobby!"
Car Care Center - Ft. Worth, TX

"Wonder Wafers are really working well in our car washes! We don’t have to guess if our employees are putting to much (or to little) like the liquid air fresheners we used to use. Another plus is that if the customer doesn’t like a particular aroma - the Wafer can easily be removed and changed. Thanks Wonder Wafers!"
Car Care Center - Dallas, TX

"We’ve used your product for the past 15 years and have found that Wonder Wafers are THE BEST! Just place a Wonder Wafer under the front seat - and you’re done! Our customers are very happy. The retail sales of Wonder Wafers in our lobby is great. Thanks for a very good product!"
Car Care Center - Radcliff, KY

"Our customers love Wonder Wafers so much that they always buy more than just one!"

Car Care Center - Columbus, OH

"Wonder Wafers are fantastic and sell great! And they offer great service. We have used Wonder Wafers for years and would not consider switching to any other brand!"
Car Care Center - Jeffersonville, IN

"Our customers love Wonder Wafers. Thanks!!"

Car Care Center - Grand Junction, CO