Fundraising With "Super 6 Paks"

Wonder Wafers Original “Super 6 Paks” are an amazing Fundraiser product. With over One Billion Wonder Wafers sold Worldwide. They are the first of its kind Air Freshener to receive 2 US patents.  "The World's Most Perfect Air Fresheners" can be used in your Car, Home, Office, RV, Lake House, Boat, Aircraft, in Gym Lockers…practically anywhere...!

Why not raise the funds you need by offering your supporters a popular, versatile, high quality product that everyone loves which is in high demand.  With over One Billion Wonder Wafers sold worldwide, everyone will want to purchase several Super 6 Paks.  With no case minimum order, you can make up to 60% profit on every Super 6 Pak you sell.  They cost as low as $2.40ea and sell for up to $6ea…that’s a $3.60 profit on every one you sell.  You would have to sell 6 times as many candy bars, or more, to make the same amount of money…and Wonder Wafers Original Super 6 Pak won’t melt or spoil.  Wonder Wafers Original "Super 6 Pak" just make fundraising sense.

Each case contains 48 Wonder Wafers Original "Super 6 Paks".  Each Original "Super 6 Pak" contains six (6) individually wrapped Wonder Wafers packaged in a resealable clamshell container which can be used for storing unused wafers.  "Super 6 Paks" come in 24 high quality fragrances.

We also offer your group “Free Shipping” on 10 or more cases.  A small group of 10 participants would only need to sell 48 each to consume 10 cases and get free shipping. At a cost of only $132 per case, your selling value would be $288 per case at $6 each…that is a $156 Fundraising Profit on each and every case...10 cases will net you $1,560 fundraising profit !!

Price breaks are at 1-5 Cases, 6-11 Cases, 12-24 Cases, 25 or more Cases (Call or Email for pricing).

Don’t wait, call now and get your fundraising profits soaring!

(800) 877-0187  or  [email protected]

TurpCo Industries’ Fundraising Program is strictly for the benefit of "NON-PROFIT" organizations such as children’s sports, Scouts, Churches, and other such programs/organizations and charities which are pursuing their goals through supplementing their finances for the betterment of the organization and Not For Profit. These low prices cannot be offered to organizations other than "NON-PROFIT" organizations. Proof of "NON-PROFIT" status may be required.