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Some Product Fragrance Details

Posted by TurpCo Industries on 9/19/2015 to Product Questions
Customers sometimes ask about our popular fragrances, what do they smell like, etc. Fragrances can smell different to different people. We may not all like a Lemon smell, other may love Lemon. So, here is a little information about some of our fragrances.
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TurpCo Releases Insta-Scent Ultra-Mist

Posted by TurpCo Industries on 9/1/2015 to Air Fresheners
TurpCo Industries released a new product called Insta-Scent ULTRA-MIST. ULTRA-MIST is for those demanding an "Ultra Strength" clean air freshener. ULTRA-MIST is formulated with mega doses of concentrated quality fragrances with no dying agents.
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Insta-Scent Black Royale Fragrance

Posted by TurpCo Industries on 9/1/2015 to Air Fresheners
The Popular Fragrance "Black Royale" is now available in Insta-Scent Ultra and Insta-Scent Supra liquid concentrate air freshener. Visit our Insta-Scent product pages for more detail.
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